Past Training Recordings

While professional development and training is often best done face to face, there are times when that is just not possible. So here, we plan to log recordings, hand outs, and notes so others can benefit also.

Introduction to Grant Funding

Introducing the Funders:

Tracy Stockman – Admin Assist

Megan Thorn – Exult

Video of the Zoom Session

View on this link

Timing: as follows

00 – TECT – Paula Hudson

4mins 50 sec – Acorn Foundation – Margot McCool

12 mins 38 sec – Bay Trust – Lotima Vaiolet

20 mins 35 sec – DIA – Lotteries / COGS – Donna Morgan

31 mins 50 sec – Tauranga City Council – Richard Butler

36mins 31 sec – Western BOP District Council – Glenn Ayo

38mins 50 sec – Introduction to Grant Funding – Tracy Stockman – Admin Assist

1hour 12 mins – Building your profile – Megan Thorn – Exult

1 hour 48 mins 18sec – Q & A session

Negotiating Your Worth

Everything you ever needed to know about contracting in the Social Sector

Social Sector Commissioning – Liz Davies

MSD social sector commissioning update

Health Contracting – Sue Lewer

Contracting with Government – 101 tips – Rebecca Roe




De-escalation Training

Helping people to cope in times of stress

Here are the training notes and key handout – Eleven tips to de-escalate.

Download here.

Watch the video here.

Introduction to the Community Resilience Model

Learn how to restore your wellbeing and grow your resilience

One hour on Zoom.

Read more about this model.