SociaLink Research

COVID-19 Western Bay of Plenty Social Sector Survey Findings

Social sector agencies respond to our survey following COVID-19 lockdown.

Western Bay of Plenty Social Issues Report

The nature and prevalence of social issues such as family harm, drug and alcohol addiction, violence and abuse, poverty and mental illness in the Western Bay of Plenty significantly impacts on the well being and productiveness of our communities.

Client Experience of Accessing Social Services

Listening to consumers of social services is recognised as important to better understand how to improve access to services and service delivery.

Report on Waiting Lists for Social Services

A scan of the social housing, mental health and education sectors which often have interconnected needs, reveals shortfalls in capacity for a variety of reasons.

Pay Equity Survey Outcomes Report

The Pay Equity Survey asked staff in the social sector in the Western Bay of Plenty to comment on pay equity issues during May 2019 with the survey distributed via the SociaLink database and social media.

Mapping the Social Sector 2019

The findings of this report provide a valuable tool to identify, develop and facilitate pathways toward greater collaboration and capacity within the sector, and relationships within other sectors such as business and creative.