Pay Equity Campaign

Social workers in iwi and community organisations earn on average $25,000 a year less than those working in government agencies, despite having the same qualifications and skills, and often working with the same families and clients.

Apart from being very unfair, this affects an NGO’s ability to recruit and retain staff.

 A series of short video interviews from the perspectives of social workers, a manager, the PSA and information about the current pay equity claim are being released at the launch. 

SociaLink is partnering with the Social Services Provider Association, NZ Social Work Association and the PSA in a campaign to raise awareness of the pay inequity in September 2021.

 The key message is get involved by joining ANZASW, SSPA or the PSA to make a collective call for pay equity and fair funding

Please find updates on the Pay Equity Claim extension and claim for social service workers in the SSPA’s resource library.


Watch the videos and hear what our social workers think

Brenda Pilot

Pay Equity Claim

Paula Naude

A managers perspective


Pania Tulia

A Union Perspective


Phill Mulligan

Phill Mulligan and Glynetter Gainfort – a social worker perspective





Read our local research about lack of pay equity.

Poipoia te kakano

Kia puawai


 Nurture the seed and it will blossom


Māori Proverb