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Operational Support

Boost your senior resources with operations support services at a heavily subsidised rate.


We’ve done the hard parts for you.

Skip the risk, recruitment process and employment contract.




Subsidised Office Support Services

Services are provided by a senior business administrator with over 10 years of SENIOR OPERATIONAL MANAGEMENT experience.

Tasks may include:

  • Accounting + bookkeeping
  • Basic design + websites
  • CRM Systems
  • Data entry
  • Document policies + procedures
  • General Administration
  • Health & safety documentation

  • Human resources documentation

  • Set up systems + processes

  • Technology recommendations

This service is designed to help you get projects done. It is not meant to replace a staff member.

Have other tasks? Contact us to discuss how we can help.

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Office Support

We understand the challenges of being under resourced and funded.

We offer our Senior Administrator services to provide hands-on help at a heavily subsidised rate.


Advisor Support

Our office support services are an addition to the free organisation support and development advisor services we already offer.


Business Heroes Directory

Office support services are provided by a Senior Administrator and are not meant to replace qualified and specialised advice.

Our Business Heroes Directory offers discounts and support from businesses that also support For-Purpose organisations.

Who Is This Service For?

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Charities, community organisations, social enterprises and entities committed to making a difference in Western Bay of Plenty region.

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Fast Growing

For-Purpose organisations that have scaled up rapidly from a small group of volunteers and now need to their level of administration especially for security, privacy and efficiency.

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Under Resourced

For-Purpose organisations that lack the funding or resources to get important administrative tasks like policies and processes that can minimise risks and streamline processes.

Office Support Service Pricing

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All prices include GST

Contact us for additional pricing – 10-hour packages available

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We aren’t a not-for-profit or registered charity - can we still use this service?

A: Yes For-Purpose organisations including social ventures and groups that aren’t yet formalised which are committed to making a difference in the Western Bay of Plenty region can contact us for approval.

Q: I have a small project that I need help with. What if I don’t need a full 20 hours?

A: We offer a 10-hour package. Contact us for details.

Q: What if I need more than 20 hours?

A: If we have available resources we can offer additional 10 or 20-hour blocks.

Q: Will I have to supervise the person?

A: We will need some time from you to ensure that we understand the work required and possibly ask questions. However, the Senior Administrator is a senior-level person and does not require regular supervision.

Q: Will you come to our office?

A: Depending on the work. Likely the initial discussion might take place in your office. However, work may be done remotely.

Q: What are the price differences?

A: Pricing is dependent on the annual expenses of your organisation. If you are unsure contact us and we can help.

Q: What if I don’t use all my discounted hours before the 30th of June 2024?

A: As long as you have signed up and paid for the package you will receive the discount but you will need to use the hours within 6 months of signing up.

Q: What are the terms + conditions?

A: Confidentiality is assured. Payment is required upfront. Prior to payment, we will review the full terms + conditions found here.

Q: What if you don’t get all of my stuff done within the 20 hours?

A: We will work quickly but diligently. At the beginning of the project we will approximate the time and communicate if you are running low on hours. You will be able to purchase another 10 or 20 hour package without discount.