Research Sources

AUT Public Health & Mental Health Research Institute

Has five interconnected research centres (with their own websites): Child and Youth Health Research Centre, Gambling and Addictions Research Centre; Migrant and Refugee Research Research Centre; Pacific Health Research Centre; Taupua Waiora Research Centre.

BERL (Business and Economic Research Ltd)

BERL collects evidence and applies sound economics in the three areas of: People, Te Ōhanga Māori and Development.  Includes work on inequality and New Zealand, community climate action series, children experiencing material hardship.

Centre for Research, Evaluation and Social Assessment (CRESA)

CRESA has been undertaking social research and evaluation for more than two decades. Our research focuses on encouraging community development and sustainable communities.


Has undertaken research on helping older people to have safe, healthy and affordable homes which protect them in good and bad times, so they can stay in their own homes and communities for longer. See 

Includes Good Homes Repairs and Maintenance Assessment and Solutions tool for householders.

Community Research

Community Research curates a large range of research being done in Aotearoa New Zealand on advocacy, arts and culture, economics, environment, ethnicity and diversity, health, housing, law and justice, leadership, Te Ao Māori, non-profit sector, people and society, Pacific peoples, evaluation, sport and recreation, Te Tiriti o Waitangi, technology and work.

Under its Whānau Ora Research Collection it has topics on community housing, economic development, education, kaupapa Māori theory, public health, research, social services, statistics, te reo, wellbeing and whānau ora.

  You can also upload your own research, following its guidelines.


Based at University of Auckland, undertakes quantitative research analysing whole population data on health and social functioning, including on social service access; inequality in social service uptake,  life –course research (Māori wellbeing, chronic health conditions impact); informatics for social services and wellbeing data; mental health, disability and other projects.

The Hub

The hub is a one-stop shop for New Zealand social science research published or commissioned by government departments and is on the Social Wellbeing Agency website.

Katoa Ltd

Katoa Ltd is a Māori – Indigenous research organisation that undertakes Kaupapa Māori (by Māori, for Māori) research and evaluation, as well as offering a range of research and evaluation training. Katoa Ltd was established in 2003 by Dr Fiona Cram. Current projects include Affordable Homes for Generations and Whānau Manaaki.

Maori health research – Massey University including Mental health in social work, Māori health

Motu, economic and public policy research

Based in Wellington

New Zealand Centre for Sustainable Cities, based at the University of Otago, Wellington.

Undertakes research in wellbeing and macro-economics, population and labour, urban and regional economies, environment, human rights and productivity and innovation.

An inter-disciplinary research centre dedicated to providing the research base for innovative solutions to the economic, social, environmental and cultural development of our urban centres.

This is undertaking a five-year, MBIE Endeavour funded research programme which studies and compares seven different public housing providers’ approaches to housing and urban regeneration projects. We will study how the diversity of governance arrangements, financial planning, housing and urban design approaches of public and community housing organisations affect tenant outcomes. The pathways by which central government, local government, Māori-led organisations and other groups support wellbeing in their housing and communities need to be better measured and understood.

  • Heating Up Cooling off: managing summer heat flows in Aotearoa New Zealand homes.

A three-year study which will combine data from a survey, multigenerational interviews, temperature and humidity dataloggers, and energy-use diaries to form recommendations for householders and policy on sustainable practice for summer heat management.


Research Centre for Hauora & Health, Massey University.

The Centre for Public Health Research (CPHR) and the Research Centre for Māori Health & Development (RCMHD) have merged to form the Research Centre for Hauora & Health (RCHH).

A new website is to be completed soon – meanwhile use

SHORE & Whariki Research Centre

We are two multidisciplinary research groups working in a Treaty of Waitangi partnership model to produce excellent research with the aim of improving health and wellbeing in Aotearoa, New Zealand and globally. Broad range of projects and publications.

Research Fields include: Alcohol; Co-ordination; Determinants of Health, Dis/Ability; Drugs; Evaluation; Health Services; Housing; Kaupapa Maori; Media, Film and Television; Sexuality and Gender; Te Tai Ao; Transport; Urban Neighbourhoods and Wellbeing; Wairua, Affect and Identity.

Te Atawhai o Te Ao

Independent Maori research institute for environment and health, Whanganui

Te Kotahi Research Institute, University of Waikato

Te Kotahi Research Institute delivers research and innovations that contribute to the aspirations of Iwi, Māori, and Indigenous communities. Te Kotahi focuses on developing interdisciplinary solutions to complex challenges, supporting the integration of mātauranga Māori, and enabling Indigenous control of Indigenous data.

UC Child Well-being Research Institute (University of Canterbury)

The overall aim of the institute is to advance high quality, multidisciplinary research to enhance the learning success and healthy well-being of children and young people. The focus is holistic, including research related to infants, children, and adolescents within the context of their whānau, family and community. A range of research groups contribute to the Institute with themes on learning success, nutrition and physical well-being, social and emotional well-being, child population health.

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