Kei konei mātou hei āwhina i a koe? How can we help you?

We are excited to offer you Whakamana Tangata. This programme has been developed to support Hāpori Māori by strengthening their capability and capacity to access funding and achieve their goals.

Working alongside the funders, we help navigate through different currents of funding streams, scaffolding the different levels of poutama to achieve and complete successful funding applications. We take this journey alongside you, “mai te po ki ao”.

We have a team of Kaiwhakarite (Advisors), who can provide guidance on setting up legal entities such as Charitable Trusts, financial reporting, budget setting, data training, utilising and accessing data to enhance your storytelling within applications and to benefit your organisation. We offer training to help you along this journey, at no or minimal cost.

When you are ready to begin your journey, register and complete Aromatawai below, or contact us to korero – whakapā mai ki mātou.

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By using the poutama and waka concepts, we will guide you through your journey to successfully reach your destination and accomplish your funding goals.

Poutama, also known as the Stairway to Heaven, is a significant concept in Māori mythology. It refers to the celestial ascent undertaken by Tāne, one of the children of Ranginui (the sky father) and Papatūānuku (the earth mother).

Tāne climbed to the heavens, his purpose was to retrieve the three baskets of knowledge for the benefit of mankind. 

There, Tāne received the following sacred treasures:

  1. Kete-aronui: This basket held all the knowledge that could benefit humanity.
  2. Kete-tuauri: Containing knowledge related to rituals, memory, and prayer.
  3. Kete-tuatea: Carrying knowledge of evil or makutu, which could harm mankind.

In addition to the baskets, Tāne also received two sacred stones called whatukura, which amplified the power of knowledge and bestowed mana upon its teachings.  Tane-te-wānanga-ā-rangi—Tāne, the bringer of knowledge from the sky—was entrusted with maintaining order on Earth, ensuring that the wisdom contained within the baskets would benefit all.

We utilise both these models through WHAKAMANA TANGATA.


E kore e ngaro, he takere waka

We will never be lost, we are the hull of a great canoe

We have ancestral knowledge that navigates our oceans, like our ancestors, Kupe.  This speaks to the unity of the Pacific and the courage of people to use their culture, language and knowledge systems to chart their own destiny. 

Master Navigator, Kapene Jack Thatcher

Hei Akiaki Ki Te Ao Angitu

 Our Success Stories

WTourstories1 - Whakamana Tangata

SUNLIVE: Talented youngsters off to represent their region

This week 180 talented youngsters from four primary and intermediate schools are packing their new costumes and travel uniforms to compete in the national schools kapa haka contest in Nelson.

The children, aged between seven and 11, are from Matapihi and Maungatapu primary schools, Tauranga Intermediate and Te Kura te Otepou in Welcome Bay. They’re off to represent the Bay of Plenty at a national competition, Mana Kuratahi, held every two years.

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WTourstories2 - Whakamana Tangata

SUNLIVE: Kapa haka, for the future of Maori generations

Sharing the manners, values and life skills he learned from his parents and ancestors through teaching kapa haka, is how a Tauranga Intermediate teacher helps the new generations to embrace their history and become the leaders of the future.

“When I was a kid I learned from my parents and the elderly all about our whakapapa, our ancestors and about our culture,” says Matua Edward Te Moana.

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Ngā mihi maioha me te tautokohia o tātou Kaiputea.

We are grateful for the support of our Funders.