Great things happen when we work together! Most not for profits work together for one of three main reasons: to boost organisational efficiency, increase organisational effectiveness, or drive broader social and systems change.

No one organisation can effectively address the complex social issues our communities are experiencing, so the need to work together is well recognised to achieve greater impact.   However working with other organisations is often easier said than done.

To enable organisations to work together SociaLink offers the services of an experienced Collaborative Practice Coordinator who can assist groups of organisations wanting to work together.

The types of services we can provide are:

  • Organising meetings
  • Facilitate meetings (SociaLink is independent so is well placed to take on this role)
  • Take and distribute hui notes
  • Help apply with funding for the group and/or initiatives developed by the group
  • Hold funding on behalf of the group
  • Facilitate a review of the group including Terms of Reference etc.



Read about some projects SociaLink has helped to progress on our Advocacy page.
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Do you need some help with a collaborative project?