Meet Liz Davies

Liz Davies 1070 289x300 - Meet Liz DaviesLiz is our General Manager.

She wanted to start a bring your dog to work policy, but as our office is really small and her dog is really big, plans had to be temporarily shelved.

Fortunately she is very smart and persuasive, and has persuaded TECT to build a big shiny new building, big enough for herself, her dog and anyone else who’d like to join her.

But seriously, she’s got skills:

  • She’s a ‘jill of all trades’ with work experience in health, education and training, social policy and planning, community development, child protection, mental health and management for over 25 years.
  • Has a Bachelor and Masters of Social Work.
  • Worked for over 10 years in the Western Bay of Plenty as well as in Melbourne, London, the Pacific and Asia.