Directory launched for those supporting neurodiversity

SociaLink and Spectrum Collective Takiwātanga have launched a map and directory for those in the social, health or education sector managing neurodiverse clients.

SociaLink supports the Western Bay of Plenty social and community sector, and Spectrum Collective Takiwātanga is a collaborative and collective group of Western Bay service providers which supports whānau, children, teens and adults to navigate neurodiversity in their everyday lives.

SociaLink Collaborative Practice Coordinator Charlotte Van Doorn said there’s been a noticeable increase in people looking for information and support around neurodivergence, particularly autism and ADHD, by parents and caregivers, as well as adults, both those diagnosed and undiagnosed.

“It can be hard to know where to start, which service provider to link your clients in with first, so the guide is for those working in the social, health or education sector. We hope this will be a valuable resource of mostly Spectrum Collective members’ services.

Spectrum Collective Takiwātanga began in late 2019 and meets bi-monthly to network, share information and updates as well as undertake events and projects that support community connections and wellbeing for the whānau and individuals they work with.

“Collaboration is such a powerful approach, enabling a group of people to achieve so much more than they could on their own,” she said. “Being part of a collective group may see big dreams or visions come to life with greater positive impacts for the wider community,” she said.

The directory includes where to find help in getting a diagnosis, support for behaviour and life skills, connecting with others and where to get financial support, mentoring and respite care at various ages.

The group has also found sponsorship to print some hard copies of the directory.