COVID – Boundaries – who’s in charge of what?

April 2024

Boundaries- Who is in charge of what?

This is the first time we have had a level 4/Level 3 split between boundaries.
Below are links to some useful sites, plus a breakdown of what different agencies are responsible for.

Primary public information channel – Unite Against COVID-19 (key information and signposting to agency specific information)

Public requests for exemption applications Ministry of Health

Business Travel Documentation Applications – MBIE

Primary Industry specific requirements – MPI

Transport management – MOT

Compliance – Police

Movement for returnees and MIQ workers – MIQ

As a reminder, here are the websites for more information: (holding page)

MBIE Business travel across Alert Level Boundaries — is also live

Please be aware of the distinction between ‘exemptions‘ and ‘permitted travel’

Exemptions (personal exemptions for travel across boundaries in exceptional circumstances) are not the same as ‘permitted travel’ for business purposes.

If people need to be able to travel for work, that comes under the remit of MBIE (Exemptions are dealt with by Ministry of Health).