Tu Mai Digital – WBOP Inclusion Project

Following a pilot programme for 50 whānau in 2021-2022 where devices and/or fibre internet connections were gifted, key stakeholders wished to explore a sustainable option to extend the pilot into the future.

In 2023 a steering group was formed consisting of representatives from Poutiri Charitable Trust, Mercury, SociaLink, Katikati Community Centre, WBOP Libraries, WBOP District Council, Accessible Properties and Pacific Coast Technical Institute. Funding was sourced from WBOPDC to contract a Project Coordinator in October 2023.

A pilot, to test criteria and processes, with whānau in the greater Te Puke area got underway early 2024 and second hand corporate devices are being sourced. The additional focus for 2024 is to build further relationships with corporates/sponsors and social sector agencies to build capacity and sustainability, and ensure safe pathways for whānau participation. Tu Mai Digital would welcome anyone who can support the project with devices, funding or other goods/services to get in touch.