Looking for not for profit organisations with a van

There is a new community initiative coming later this year to challenge the way we move around our city. We all know we have terrible congestion, our carbon emissions are high and we have the highest rate of single occupied vehicle use in the county! So what if we could change the way we travel, reduce carbon emissions, save precious minutes as we drive, create a bit of friendly competition and have fun while we do it? We can with the Wednesday Challenge – change the way you travel… for good. The aim is to create 20% mode share across our city on a Wednesday over a year.

This is where you come in… we would love to trial an on demand Public transport solution in one or two suburbs as part of the Wednesday Challenge. The thought is, there are many not for profits in Tauranga who have vans that are only used once or twice a week. What if you could allow your van to be a part of this trial and the fare collected is fundraising for your organisation? Would you be interested? We would love to meet with 4-6 organisations who would be willing to explore the concept, to create the opportunity for community led innovation, moving people and supporting local charities at the same time! If this sounds like you, please contact Tina Salisbury at tina@salisbury.org.nz. And keep an eye out for the Wednesday Challenge to kick off in a business, school or neighbourhood near you later in the year!