A living wage for all at The Kollective

living wage cert 262x300 - A living wage for all at The Kollective

Western Bay of Plenty’s SociaLink and The Kollective have been awarded Living Wage accreditation.

SociaLink is the umbrella organisation for the western Bay’s social agencies and charities, and manages the purpose-built The Kollective building in Tauranga’s 17th Ave.

The Kollective houses a co-working space for dozens of not-for-profits and businesses that align with the work of not-for-profits, with collaborative spaces, meeting rooms and facilities. SociaLink provides a variety of training and professional development opportunities for those working in the social sector.

SociaLink general manager Liz Davies and The Killective Manager Gordy Lockhart says gaining the accreditation ensures no one who works for SociaLink and The Kollective either directly or indirectly, including cleaners and grounds people, is earning less than the living wage.

“This ensures our aim of modelling effective employer and operational practice,” they said.

“TK and SociaLink advocate for the Living Wage because an appropriately paid team is a productive and loyal team.”

“We advocate for an increase in the incomes of those at the lower end of the income scale to address issues of income inequality and social deprivation.”

Getting accreditation took quite a bit of work, proving that those who work for SociaLink and The Kollective are all paid at or above the current living wage. It also had to prove that larger contractors who work for the organisation, such as cleaners, are also paying a living wage.

“Having Living Wage Accreditation means we can display Living Wage NZ’s logo on any official documentation and digital presence. We can show we have a socially responsible ethos and encourage others to do the same.”