Learning About Governance

April 2024

A new series of four videos has been created by the Centre for Social Impact, that aims to help those who are new to the Chair role and to prepare people who may aspire to take on the position.

These videos are part of the National Action Plan for Community Governance, created by a group of organisations and community leaders to create resources to support people in board roles in community organisations.

  • Back to Basics:  This first video is about getting back to basics. The key things you need to know to get started as Chair – what the role is all about and how to chair a great meeting.
  • Board DynamicsThis second video is about the dynamics around the board table and your role as Chair about ensuring the board gets on and gets working.
  • Getting Strategic:  This third video is all about your role in helping your board be strategic and develop a great strategy.
  • Focus on Process:  This fourth and final video is all about your role leading risk, compliance and other good board processes.