Helping social agencies find their way

Luke Wilson 2 253x300 - Helping social agencies find their way

SociaLink’s new Organisational Advisor Luke Wilson has a wealth of expertise to assist both new and existing social agencies to be as efficient and effective as possible.

He comes from an extensive background in finance and accounting for both the public and private sector, working for DHBs, health and disability organisations and NGOs, so he knows what works for social agencies – and what doesn’t.

Wilson is based in Hamilton, but aims to be in the Bay of Plenty at least one day a week – and he already has clients knocking on the door.

SociaLink is the Western Bay umbrella group for social service providers and community organisations, and Wilson’s role is to help those thinking about establishing a group or already running one find funding, set up a workable structure and put them in touch with like-minded organisations to collaborate and learn from each other.

“I can help with financial knowledge and services, assist with ongoing governance, help organisations identify areas they want to see improvement and we offer 12 months of ongoing organisational support.”

For Wilson, it’s more than a job.

“There’s more job satisfaction working in the social sector and giving back to the community, being able to share knowledge. I enjoy helping people start up something and take it through to implementation and success.”

“Quite a few people get lost when they have a good idea, but then lose a bit of momentum when there are too many perceived barriers. I can see the roadblocks, and even help them set up the right bank accounts.

“I can act as a conduit between funders and organisations so they apply for the right things, and work with willing funders.”

He says despite the changes after Covid there’s still plenty of money about, but there is more accountability for how it is spent.

“Agencies need to be able to fill in those checklists and tick all the boxes.”

He says he can be flexible, working with agencies after hours to suit them and using Zoom to maintain contact. He’s getting about 10 enquiries a week, about 50-50 new agencies and established ones that are ready to expand to the next level.

For people who have a great idea we encourage them to check if there are already organisations delivering the same or similar services and perhaps to support them rather than set up a new organisation.

“It’s exciting to help people grow.”

Agencies can contact him on