Engaging with stakeholders and community

The Board has an important role in helping the organisation engage effectively with stakeholders and broader community.


Your CEO may have a good reputation and be working effectively with stakeholders. Good governance provides a solid foundation to enhance that.

Stakeholders are people, groups or organisations with an interest or concern in your organisation. They may be clients, donors, employees, creditors, volunteers, government (and agencies), members, suppliers, unions, other related institutions and the broader community.

Engaging purposefully with stakeholders will be beneficial because:

  • It will help strengthen relationships with stakeholders and you will find out what is important to them.
  • You will find out how your organisation is perceived.
  • It will improve the chances of you delivering what is needed.
  • You will gain access to more knowledge, resources and benefactors.

It is especially important if you are considering changing purpose or direction.

Producing an annual report on the work and achievements of the organisation for distribution to members, volunteers and other stakeholders is good practice.

Other engagement could be through briefing with stakeholders such as funding agencies or relevant government bodies, participation in community meetings and keeping open, respectful dialogue with other agencies.





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