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The management of people in any organisation is most important as without the work of staff most organisations would not be able to function. Staffing also accounts for the biggest expenditure item for most community organisations. 

Called ‘Human Resource Management’ or ‘People and Capability’ it covers the management of staff, competence, talent and culture in an organisation. It includes, for example, recruitment and selection, health and safety and wellbeing, employment relations, organisational development, remuneration and rewards, and learning and development. In the social sector this often also includes the management of volunteers.
There is an enormous amount of information about managing people and the information below is by no means extensive, please see this resource as a start only!

He aha te mea nui o te ao
What is the most important thing in the world?



He tangata, he tangata, he tangata
It is the people, it is the people, it is the people

Social agencies discuss effect of Budget on child poverty

What does the Budget mean for the local social sector, and children living in poverty in New Zealand? The Western Bay of Plenty branch of the Child Poverty Action Group supported by SociaLink are hosting a discussion on May 24 for social agencies to hear the national...

New Organisational Advisor for SociaLink

Christa George is the new Organisational Advisor for SociaLink. SociaLink is the umbrella organisation for social agencies and charities in the Bay of Plenty. Christa has more than 25 years’ experience working in executive management teams across the education and...

Media Releases – how to…

How do I write a media release so the media will actually use it? Is there a structure? Yes there's a structure - include who, what, when, where, why. Start with the most important thing, which is what the release is about. You may be running an event so start with...

Commissioners meet with social agencies

Tauranga city commissioners met with social agencies this week to discuss the Long Term Plan and Annual Plan for the city. The meeting was organised by SociaLink, the umbrella agency for social agencies in the Western Bay, and was focused on community needs for the...

Training Needs Analysis

Question: “How can I plan professional development and training for my staff and know what to put in the budget to allow them to get what they need and what we can afford?” Answer: Training Needs Analysis How do you currently decide what type of internal training you...

Social Media

Question: On social media, how do you make just the right number of posts on Facebook or Instagram without looking like you're spamming? Answer: Social media: How much is too much? If you're posting something every day, that's probably too much, unless you have...

Do labels create blaming of clients? Liz Davies, General Manager

The way we talk about clients influences how we then work with them.I attended an excellent presentation by Debbie Hager from the University of Auckland who unpacked common terminology used in the social sector – ‘the hard to reach’ and ‘vulnerable’ people.Using the...

Families still locked in poverty after benefit rise

Increases to benefits on April 1 will still leave families locked in poverty, a study released today by the Fairer Future collaboration says.Liz Davies, general manager of SociaLink, the umbrella organisation for the Western Bay’s social agencies and charities,...

Inflation hitting community organisations hard

Inflation and the effects of Covid are hitting community organisations and charities hard, according to research by SociaLink, the umbrella organisation for the Western Bay’s social agencies. SociaLink surveyed organisations about the impact of increasing inflation on...

Waipu Hauora makes use of data insights

SociaLink’s Community Insights service is helping Waipu Hauora’s health and wellness service do more with the information it collects on the people it serves. The Hauora, based at Hungahungatoroa Marae, is the main health and social service provider for the community...

Rārangi Hiahia

The Māori Social Sector Needs Assessment was carried out during November 2021 - January 2022 via a survey and a series of  personal interviews. Read about what Māori providers need and want.

Families delighted with digital help

Families in need throughout the western Bay of Plenty are getting their children online for school, thanks to 50 Chromebooks funded by a group of funders. The 50 laptops for families in need have been funded by Western Bay of Plenty’s Covid-19 Recovery Fund,...

Recruitment, Selection and Induction (including diversity)



Recruitment & Selection Methods

Read a short overview

Do Good Jobs
A jobs board to connect dogooders with paid and volunteer roles at NGOs, charities and social enterprises in New Zealand.

SociaLink website also advertises vacancies see
New Zealand’s national body for workplace diversity and inclusion.

Employment for disabled people
Employment NZ information to help remove barriers to employment for disabled people.

Facing up to human resources
Article on developments relating to employee recruitment and management



Recruitment, selection & induction
Video clip explaining recruitment, selection and Induction

Health, Safety and Wellbeing



Download this great little resource put together by Community Waikato. It steps you through the process of getting everything into place in the correct way.

Worksafe – Mahi Haumaru Aotearoa 

Government website with extensive health and safety information including how the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 affects organisations and its workers. To start see

Health and Safety obligations for clubs, societies and charitable trusts
Article on how the Health and Safety at Work Act relates to charitable trust and societies

Health isn’t just physical
Read about the importance of protecting mental health at work

What is a healthy workplace?
Read article on why investing in physical and mental health and wellbeing of your workforce creates a healthy workplace and is simply good business.



Work-life balance
A collection of TED Talks (and more) on the topic of Work-life balance.

Talks to help you manage stress
Sometimes life can feel like a bit of a mess, but these TED talks are here to help you de-stress.

Employment Relations



Employment New Zealand
The leading source of information on employment in New Zealand, part of Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) inclusive of eg. employment agreement builder, wages, leave and holiday and resolving problems sections.

Remuneration and Rewards



Pay and wages
Employment NZ information

Not for Profit Remuneration Report Overview 2019
Strategic Pay (whole report or salary bands can be purchased)

5 things that motivate your employees more than money
Article on other things that motivate people besides pay

Volunteer Management



Employment NZ: Volunteers
Read about who is a volunteer and why they are not covered by employment law.

Information for volunteers
Fact sheet explaining how the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 applies to volunteers.

Volunteering BOP
Information and volunteer management consultancy

Volunteering NZ:

Reports and research
inclusive of State of Volunteering in NZ report

Xperts: Online “Essentials of Volunteer Management” course.
Course Fee: $175.00 NZD

Articles (in general)



Human Resources Institute of NZ news bulletin with frequently new articles on the HR topics
HRD is an online source of news, opinion and analysis about HR issues.

Books (in general)



Human Resources Management in New Zealand by Richard Rudman

Human Resources Management for Public and Nonprofit Organizations: A Strategic Approach by Joan. E. Pynes

Managing the Non-Profit Organization by Peter Drucker

 Note: Information on policies and procedures can be found under ‘Administration’