Kathy Webb – Learning & Development

Kathy Webb 300x300 - Kathy Webb - Learning & DevelopmentWhat’s your background?

Owning and working on a milk round, second hand dealer, running a hospital sterilising department to working in community development in local government where I made HEAPS of contacts, which has given me a reputation as someone who knows everyone… but I like talking and listening to people. And where I was able to support a group of people who founded SociaLink.

What projects are you working on?

Always working on several. May – I’m project lead for Sunrise Rotary’s Treasured Art Exhibition and Auction, June – hopefully a new direction for Neighbourhood Support via some specific events. Build SociaLink’s newsletter to a new level of professionalism and establish a regular networking peer support group.

What do you enjoy doing outside work?

Gardening. I love growing things, knowing it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work. Reading and grandkids. I am also an expert spectator at performance art, walking, running, cycling and other things that take energy and fitness. Love the challenge of working for SociaLink.