Media Releases – how to…

How do I write a media release so the media will actually use it? Is there a structure?

Yes there’s a structure – include who, what, when, where, why. Start with the most important thing, which is what the release is about.

You may be running an event so start with that, not a waffle about who you are. Make sure you include when and where the event is early on, and repeat at the end. Include a quote from your CEO or manager,

and  introduce it by saying: ‘CEO Mary Smith says [the event] will bring families together.

“We want to see families sharing….”

Check and double check your spelling and grammar, include a date and a contact person for media to follow up. Keep it short – one page is often enough – and make sure all info is there. They won’t necessarily have time to chase you up for missing bits, so if it’s missing things it won’t get used.

A photo adds a great deal, but please no people shaking hands! Provide a good photo op at the event too.

Linda Thompson

Communications Advisor – MPRiNZ