Social Media


On social media, how do you make just the right number of posts on Facebook or Instagram without looking like you’re spamming?

  • Social media: How much is too much? If you’re posting something every day, that’s probably too much, unless you have different things to comment on or advertise. Pull back from the daily posts –  especially if you’re asking for money. That’s a big turn-off. But if you’re doing lots of interesting things, all different and there are some great photos that show your activities, go for it.
  • Photos of people in action are great. Photos of people shaking hands (known as a ‘grip and grin’) as they hand over a certificate or award are not. A post with a photo will attract more attention, especially if there are people in it, but make them active. People standing glumly in a row is plain boring, even for the participants.
  • If you’re worried about identifying clients, take a photo from behind them. Think about what you’d want to know about, and don’t bother posting for the sake of a post.
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