Mental Health





Mental Health Research at Otago University

Otago University’s Departments of Preventive and Social Medicine and Psychological Medicine are a source of research staff, groups and topics in mental health. Includes Suicide and Mental Health Research Group.  

AUT Public Health & Mental Health Research Institute

Has five interconnected research centres (with their own websites): Child and Youth Health Research Centre, Gambling and Addictions Research Centre; Migrant and Refugee Research Centre; Pacific Health Research Centre; Taupua Waiora Research Centre.

Mental Health Foundation Library and Resource Hub

It has developed this library info hub so kiwis can be aware of the latest books, videos, articles and findings about mental health and wellbeing.!dashboard


National centre for Infant, Child and Adolescent Mental Health (ICAMH) workforce development, located within the University of Auckland (Dept. of Psychological Medicine). (Formerly John Werry Centre). Extensive range of courses and resources as well as several project websites.