Nicki Turner website photo 225x300 - Meet Nicki TurnerOur new Volunteering Support and Engagement person is Nicki Turner.
Nicki was born and bred in Tauranga but has been away for 30 years, working in Pukekohe
in the disabled and social service sector. She worked for Blind Low Vision in Needs
Assessment for the midcentral area, and for IHC.
She and her husband took off for Australia for five years, working short term and travelling
around the country. Her husband, a farmer, decided to semi-retire from farming and Nicki
returned to the same job with Blind Low Vision when they returned to Tauranga in
“I’ve always been involved in the volunteer space. It’s just what we do, we’re a family of
volunteers. I’m looking forward to connecting with the local community and rebuilding
networks having been away so long.”
She lives at PyesPā, but her favourite thing to do is walk their springer spaniel on the beach
at the Mount.