General Sources

Community Research

A curated source of large range of research being done in Aotearoa New Zealand on advocacy, arts and culture, economics, environment, ethnicity and diversity, health, housing, law and justice, leadership, Te Ao Māori, non-profit sector, people and society, pacific peoples, evaluation, sport and recreation, Te Tiriti o Waitangi and Work.

Under Whānau Ora Research Collection it has topics on community housing, economic development, education, kaupapa Māori theory, public health, research, social services, statistics, te reo, wellbeing and whānau ora.

  You can also upload your own research , following its guidelines.

Business and Economic Research Ltd (BERL)

BERL collects evidence and applies sound economics in the three areas of: People, Te Ōhanga Māori and Development.  Includes work on inequality and New Zealand, community climate action series, children experiencing material hardship.

The Hub

The hub is a one-stop shop for New Zealand social science research published or commissioned by government departments and is on the Social Wellbeing Agency website.

Ministry of Social Development Research

MSD’s research and evaluation team generates and shares evidence that influences the design and development of the Ministry’s programmes and services. Our researchers partner with policy and service delivery teams within the Ministry, collaborate across government and work with the wider research community. Research insights are applied to policy and practice to enhance the wellbeing of people and their families, whānau and communities. Links to MSD research include:

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