Inequality, Poverty, Low Income





Child Poverty Monitor

Child Poverty Monitor is a partnership between the J R McKenzie Trust, the Office of the Children’s Commissioner, and the New Zealand Child and Youth Epidemiology Service (NZCYES) at the University of Otago.  The ninth annual monitor includes voices of tamariki, statistics and commentary.

Child Poverty Action Group

Has a range of reports relating to children that can be downloaded including on tax credits for children, social unemployment insurance, research into unmet housing needs of people with disabilities, impact of Covid-19.

BERL provides economic research

It has published several pieces about inequality at the link below, noting: ‘As inequality has grown across the world a body of evidence has emerged showing that societies with greater levels of inequality fail to maximise wellbeing. They are less functional, less cohesive and less economically sound than those societies with greater levels of equality.’

It has also published reports on hygiene poverty – a hidden epidemic in Aotearoa for the organisation Soap for Society

Salvation Army Policy & Parliamentary Unit

Undertakes social research and policy analysis working toward the eradication of poverty, providing reports on issues such as food insecurity, state of our communities reports and impact of Covid-19.