Craigs Investment Partners launches strategic giving partnership

Craigs Investment Partners launches strategic giving partnership with Community Foundations NZ on Giving Tuesday

A long-time supporter of communities across the country, Craigs Investment Partners [Craigs]has developed a thoughtful giving programme with Community Foundations of NZ (CFNZ) that is both unique and strategic in nature. Donations to support the greatest needs in each of the 19 communities in which Craigs has a regional office will be made in conjunction with one of the 17 community foundations found around New Zealand where possible.

This thoughtful initiative coincides with Giving Tuesday, an international day that celebrates generosity across the globe. As Craigs is concerned with both immediate and long-term needs in the local communities in which they operate, this giving programme will have three parts:

Christmas Giving Craigs will direct money to local charities in lieu of sending out Christmas gifts across New Zealand. A Giving Committee established in each Craigs branch will liaise with their local community foundation to choose a meaningful recipient in their local area. “We see a huge benefit to our communities by giving to those with the greatest needs at a time of the year when we know that many feel huge pressure financially,” says Craigs Managing Director, Frank Aldridge.

Workplace Giving Beginning in the new year, Craigs employees around the country will have the opportunity to participate in payroll Workplace Giving, with the employee contribution partially matched by the Craigs business. Each Craigs branch Giving Committee will work with their local community foundation to determine the most deserving recipients in their area. CFNZ EO, Eleanor Cater, says that thoughtful giving is the way of the future. “People like to give with purpose, since it’s a far more fulfilling way to give, both for companies and for individuals. This idea from Craigs is a real win/win, nurturing a purposeful team-building culture at the same time as helping to build strong communities.”

Craigs Community Fund A giving fund has been established with the Acorn Foundation, which is located in Tauranga along with the Craigs head office. Acorn is part of the CFNZ network–which differs from other forms of philanthropy in that generous locals set up endowment funds to support causes that are close to their heart. It is intended that a portion of the Craigs fund will be distributed annually to recipients of their choice.

Acorn Foundation General Manager, Lori Luke, says that the Craigs Community Fund will provide a welcome boost for local charities all across New Zealand, forever. “The benefit of these kinds of funds is that it provides yearly distributions to really deserving local charities. It is amazing to have a national company like Craigs leading the way in this sort of strategic giving, and we hope other businesses will follow suit.”

Philanthropy NZ CE, Sue McCabe, welcomes the partnership. “It’s great to see corporates being thoughtful about how to support the communities they operate in.  Strengths of the partnership between Craigs Investment Partners and Community Foundations New Zealand include the level of commitment, and the focus on meeting both immediate and future community needs.”

Key Contacts Eleanor Cater Executive Officer, Community Foundations of New Zealand eleanor@communityfoundations.org.nz 027 407 1073

Lori Luke General Manager, Acorn Foundation lori@acornfoundation.org.nz 021 844 366

Kim Martin Head of Communications, Craigs Investment Partners kim.martin@craigsip.com 021 277 9800

Street Use and Public Places Bylaw 2018

Tauranga City Council is proposing to remove the begging and rough sleeping provisions in the Street Use and Public Places Bylaw 2018. Please find attached a copy of the consultation document which outlines the reason for the proposal.

The consultation is open for submissions from 20 November 2019 until Friday, 20 December 2019. An online submission form and supporting information are available at www.tauranga.govt.nz/streetuse.

If you wish to speak to the Committee on your submission, hearings are to take place in late January 2020 with a decision on the bylaw in February 2020.

If you know of anyone who would be interested in this proposal, we would appreciate if you could share the consultation information with them.

We are seeking your views on the proposal to remove the begging and rough sleeping provisions of the bylaw.  Even if you have previously submitted on this bylaw it is important that if you hold views on this, you provide us with your feedback on the current proposal.

For further information please contact:

Rebecca Gallagher

Work Integrated Learning – Internships

University of Waikato offers Work Integrated Learning which relates to internships, projects, case studies, research etc for 3rd year students. These are part of the university’s change in curriculum in which every undergrad degree has to have a work integrated learning component. This is mostly unpaid work for the students to gain experience and links to workplaces. 
There are also summer internships and post grad degree research opportunities. This normally attracts payment by the employer. In some cases a grant can be awarded and can be match funded by the university. 
The process is:
Fill in the expression of interest form: Sandy or Hayley will call you to discuss the project and arrange students.
Waikato believes that multi disciplinary student teams are a good way for students to learn so that might mean – as an example  – you could have a student from the arts faculty, working with business management or psychology students on one project. 
The employers responsibility is to supervise the student(s) as you would a new employee. Any intellectual property  belongs to the student when the job is unpaid , and the organisation, when paid. The university  covers liability/indemnity insurance when students are not paid. Confidentiality might have to be extended to the lecturer of the degree course. 

Getting to know the Social Sector in the Western BOP

The Orientation Package contains a huge amount of information that will be extremely useful for those wishing to better understand the social sector – whether a graduating student, a business interested in philanthropy,  a new comer to the area or someone wishing to move to employment in this sector. The booklet is a comprehensive guide describing in detail the social sector as well as an online directory listing key organisations categorised by type. Nationally, the social sector is a $9.4 billion industry including $3.5 billion in volunteer contributions (2013). It generates 4.4% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and has 130,000 paid staff as well as 1.2 million volunteers, comprising 1 in 10 of the whole workforce. There are approximately 225 social service providers delivering over 700 services in WBOP. The primary purposes are: social cohesion and connectedness, health, advocacy, access and inclusion, mental health. This resource will be a significant asset for anyone who wishes to know more about the social sector in the western Bay of Plenty.

Services that SociaLink provides to help you and your organisation.

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Lets Stay Connected

Do you and your friends, family and organisations know that if you have a Super Gold Card you can now travel free on the buses all day, every day, from 9am in the morning?

By getting on the bus in your community it is possible to save traffic stress, save money, avoid parking problems, save the planet and importantly be connected.

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council initiative recognises that we have a rapidly ageing population, with more mature and older people who wish to live, work, learn, play , volunteer and connect in communities that care. Accessible transport services are a vital part of community infrastructure that supports a shared sense of wellbeing.

Lets’ get on the bus and make the most of a free all day Super Gold Card bus service.

Super Gold travel started in August 2019. Such a great service for Elders, no tickets needed.  Did you know that? And, then there is the Hospital Link bus which takes people right to the Hospital. Another great service. Congratulations Bay of Plenty Regional Council.

Personal Assistance with Strategic Planning

Personal Assistance

SociaLink has contracted a specialist to help you out.

Strategic planning is an organisational management activity that is used to set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations, ensure that employees and other stakeholders are working toward common goals, establish agreement around intended outcomes, and assess and adjust the organisation’s direction in response to a changing environment.

BENEFITS OF STRATEGIC PLANNING – Makes the management of an organisation easier by providing a framework and a clearly defined direction for decision-making – Establishes a clear vision and purpose helping engage people’s hearts – Works to create an increased level of commitment to the organisation and its goals – Improves the level of services for clients and a means of measuring the service – Helps the organisation with setting priorities

HOW WE CAN SUPPORT YOU – depending on your individual/organisational needs – Engage in a review of the past year – lessons, highlights, achievements – Complete a S.O.A.R analysis – strengths, opportunities, aspirations, results – Create a vision statement and a purpose statement to inspire and motivate your people – Choose the guiding principles that set the culture for your organisation – Define clear objectives to focus resources – Create measures to track progress – Clarify specific goals and a tactical plan to help you achieve results this coming year – Create a people plan to support the engagement of your people.

Or phone for more information.

Cost: $250 for the whole package.

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