Meet Charlotte

Charlotte Van Doorne - Collaborative Practice CoordinatorAfter 20 years of talking to plants,

Charlotte realised talking with people was more fun and rewarding

She set off with passion, listening and talking her way around Tauranga Moana until her journey led to SociaLink where she convinced them they had just advertised “her” job. Eclectic in every way, her ultimate life goal is to be fully quirky when she grows up.

She’s pretty grown up:

  • Holds a Diploma in Social Practice (Counselling).
  • 11 years experience in facilitation in the areas of psycho-education, parenting, grief and domestic violence.
  • Social sector programme/project implementation, management and coordination experience.
  • 5 years as a Strengthening Families Coordinator in Tauranga/WBOP.
  • Passionate about contributing to the wellbeing of individuals, whanau and community.