Support for Board Chairs

If you are a new chair person or just an existing Chair who needs validation, a bit of advice, a series of coaching sessions or a mentor, we can help you out. We have access to a high level coach with extensive experience at community and corporate levels.

Just a few questions and answers? that’s ok too. Just fill in this form and we will contact to discuss further.

Support for Board Chair role

for those wishing to apply to fill a vacancy

One 2 One Funding help

Do you need some advice on your funding applications? Someone to cast an eye over something you are applying for to give you a bit of a hand up. Or maybe you’re starting from scratch – and need some direction. Tracy can help you out. Make an appointment here.

Need a new board member?

Board Matching Service

Do you know about our Board Matching Service? If you would like to donate your time to being a member of a charitable board, or you have a vacancy on your board, you may find what you want here.

We already have a number of candidates and vacancies. Check them out!

Is your organisation as fit as it should be?

Are you at that point in your agency, where it’s time to take the next step, but not sure how?

Are you questioning whether what you are doing is making a difference?

Are you worried about your agencies survival into the future?

Do you want to grow your agency, but need help with planning this out?

Or do you just need someone external to facilitate a planning discussion with your team?



  • Short-term Advice
  • Short-term Support
  • Full Needs Assessment
  • Support with designing an Evaluation
  • Facilitate Workshops


  • Access to expertise for planning and review
  • Linkage to training, tools, resources, networks
  • Brokerage of key relationships
  • Development of a support plan tailored to your agency
  • Independent, external support committed to your growth



Email ciska@socialink.org.nz to discuss.


Connect with a mentor to grow your leadership in NFP organisations

First, we meet with you to learn your specific goals, existing challenges and areas you’d like to improve in as a leader. Next, our orientation programme prepares you to maximise the mentoring relationship. Once completed, we connect you with a mentor who can help you meet your goals. We have a pool of mentors from all sorts of sectors, so you get a valuable outside perspective on your work.

From here, you and your mentor will meet at least once per month, for six months. Typically, you will discuss progress against your goals and any successes and challenges since the previous meeting. Then, you’ll make a plan for what you are going to achieve in the following month, which is reported on in the next session.

Over the mentoring period, you’ll be connected with a network of peers and other mentors to broaden your connections and increase your learning opportunities.

The focus is all about developing a mindset and approach that increases your effectiveness as a leader through improved capability, confidence and connectedness. Mentors focus on specific goals and the more holistic aspects of being a leader. This helps you to build a deep understanding of leadership and a toolbox that will serve you for years to come.

You receive:

  • An initial individualised goal setting session
  • Programme orientation & training
  • One mentoring session per month, for six months (1-2 hours per session)
  • Access to a learning network, including 1-2 network events with other mentors/mentees
  • Feedback and evaluation of progress
  • Support throughout the programme period
The programme starts March 5 2020 and runs for 6 months.  Cost $99
For more information please contact Ciska Vogelzang, Organisational Support Coordinator at SociaLink on ciska@socialink.org.nz before 28 Feb 2020. The programme is run in collaboration with the Mentoring Foundation NZ.

Mentoring Foundation Western Bay of Plenty Program

If you’re interested in being a mentee in the 2020 program. This program is delivered in partnership with the Mentoring Foundation of New Zealand.

Applicants must be leaders in not-for-profit organisations or community groups in the Western Bay of Plenty region. Applications close  28 February 2020.

Apply for a Mentor

Apply for a mentor
  • Mentoring Foundation Western Bay of Plenty Program
  • Section Break

Any further questions please contact: ciska@socialink.org.nz

Personal Assistance with Strategic Planning

Personal Assistance

SociaLink has contracted a specialist to help you out.

Strategic planning is an organisational management activity that is used to set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations, ensure that employees and other stakeholders are working toward common goals, establish agreement around intended outcomes, and assess and adjust the organisation’s direction in response to a changing environment.

BENEFITS OF STRATEGIC PLANNING – Makes the management of an organisation easier by providing a framework and a clearly defined direction for decision-making – Establishes a clear vision and purpose helping engage people’s hearts – Works to create an increased level of commitment to the organisation and its goals – Improves the level of services for clients and a means of measuring the service – Helps the organisation with setting priorities

HOW WE CAN SUPPORT YOU – depending on your individual/organisational needs – Engage in a review of the past year – lessons, highlights, achievements – Complete a S.O.A.R analysis – strengths, opportunities, aspirations, results – Create a vision statement and a purpose statement to inspire and motivate your people – Choose the guiding principles that set the culture for your organisation – Define clear objectives to focus resources – Create measures to track progress – Clarify specific goals and a tactical plan to help you achieve results this coming year – Create a people plan to support the engagement of your people.

Or phone for more information.

Cost: $250 for the whole package.

Please email giving  us:

Your name, organisation and contact details

Do you already have a strategic plan?

What help do you think you need?

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