Policy Resources

It’s often hard to know where to start with policies. We all know we need them and often we leave it till something goes wrong and then we wish we’d got on to it sooner. So here’s a handy little starter.

Some of these are SociaLink’s policies, but we’re happy for you to use them as templates. Fill in your own details and then get your staff and board to work through them and make them your own.

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Checklist of Policies and Procedures



Start here, but don’t be daunted.

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Introduction to policies



A good overview of why policies are needed.

This website is a mine of information about a wide range of topics to help charities and not for profits.

Link here.

Risk Management


It is important that when you plan you also think about risk to your charity/organisation. The first step is to consider the possible risks and identify them. Creating a risk management plan is an approach that:

  • recognises risk
  • considers the likely probability of the risk occurring
  • identifies the likely impact should the risk occur and
  • describes how the risk will be managed. 

For a risk management plan see Templates below.

The Risk Management Toolkit is a resource to assist with identifying and understanding risk factors for an organisation, create a risk management policy and manage and monitor the risks identified.