Funding your organisation

Most community organisations rely to some extent on philanthropic, Lotteries and Gaming Trust funding.   Staff employed by any of the funders urge organisations to contact them to discuss what funding they are seeking and can assist you with the funding application process.  

Funders’ websites provide information on what they will and will not fund and most applications are online so you can apply directly without talking to staff, but an organisation’s funding application is likely to be more successful if you talk to staff first who can guide you on what to apply for, how much and other details.

Naku te rourou nau te rourou ka ora ai te iwi

With your basket and my basket the people will live 


Māori Proverb

Philanthropic Funders

Acorn Foundation



There are a variety of ways that the Acorn Foundation provides funding for our community. There is an annual round of distributions, where applications begin in May and money is awarded in August. Recipients can either be chosen by specific donors (what we call tagged) or selected by our hardworking Distributions Committee, based on the greatest needs in the community as determined by the 2018 Vital Signs research.

For more information see the website:

Bay Trust



Bay Trust’s purpose is:

To accelerate bold meaningful change, assisting BOP communities and the environment to flourish.

Their priorities are:

  • Kaitiakitanga
  • Community wellbeing and Tu Maori Mai
  • Sustainable Employment and Inclusive Growth
  • Healthy, Secure and Affordable Housing

See more information on their website:

TECT – Tauranga Electricity Community Trust



TECT funding works to support the people, places and projects making a difference in our community here in the Western Bay of Plenty and Tauranga.

TECT has a number of different funding schemes to assist community organisations with their initiatives.

Find out more about TECT on their website:

Tindall Foundation



The Acorn Foundation distributes funds on behalf of The Tindall Foundation in both the Western BOP and Eastern BOP regions.

Contact the Acorn Foundation for more information about this fund.

A list of most of the funders in BOP

Download this list of National and local funders in the wider Bay of Plenty here.

Thanks to Tracy Stockman from Admin Assist for putting this resource together.

National Grant Funding

Lottery Grants Board



The Lottery Grants Board website hosts a range of grants that are administered by the Department of Internal Affairs and available to the community. Key funding objectives are designed to ensure lottery grants will contribute towards the vision of “New Zealanders building strong sustainable communities  together”. Make sure you read the information thoroughly before you apply. Advisors are available to speak with you about your needs by phone and sometimes a visit.

Department of Internal Affairs



A list of trusts who allocate gaming trusts is available via For western Bay of Plenty trusts, go to Societies that  make grants – Bay of Plenty region.

Advice on how to access funding and generate income.



All staff employed by any of the funders will willingly provide you with advice. Their websites provide information on what they will and will  not fund. Funders urge you to phone with further questions.

One to One Funding Help


Do you need some advice on your funding applications? Someone to cast an eye over something you are applying for to give you a bit of a hand up. Or maybe you’re starting from scratch – and need some direction. SociaLink may be able to provide some advice and assistance. So get in touch via: