Digital and IT

IT systems for accounting, payroll, invoicing, communication, client relationship management, board management and evaluation are all ways for organisations to manage their operational functions more efficiently. However, with the increasing use of these systems it is important to be aware of cyber security and minimising the risk of cyber security breaches.

The use of information and communication technology can help your organisation to:
  • make the most of staff and volunteer time
  • measure and improve client and community outcomes
  • minimise service risk ie privacy breaches

General Information

ImproveIT (also known as Digital Transformation) helps community organisations make the most of information and communication technology. The site has an extensive information library in the following subjects:

  • IT Management – technology management, governance and planning
  • Technology – PCs, infrastructure, servers, hardware software and email
  • Information management – Client information, service delivery, supporting members
  • Online presence – websites, social media, search engines & online communications
  • Staff IT skills – digital literacy, productivity tools & professional development
  • Security & risk – securing your information & disaster recovery

If you are not sure where to start you can take their Digital Capability Quiz

Technology donation and discount programmes


TechSoup New Zealand is a programme run by Connecting Up, Inc. that administers technology donation and discount programs from companies such as Microsoft, Symantec, SAP and many more to eligible not-for-profit organisations in New Zealand.

They regularly have tech related Events: webinars and training programmes. They also have great information on checking out the health of your equipment, speeding things up, security issues, social media and much more.

If you have an IT related question you can post this to Ask an expert




You need to understand data privacy if you are working with data about people. The Privacy Act 2020 provides rules that you must comply with when collecting and using the data.

Data Breaches

Notify Us the online tool that can help you work out if a breach is notifiable and to report it to the Privacy Commissioner. Under the new Act, if your organisation has a privacy breach that is likely to cause anyone serious harm, it is legally required to notify us and any affected persons as soon as practicable.

Cloud Computing under the Privacy Act – Privacy Commissioner

Shifting to the cloud can make good business sense, but businesses worry whether their client and staff information will be safe if they make the switch. This guidance link helps organisations through the decision-making process.

The current IT Professionals Cloud Computing Code of Practice can be found here

Privacy statement development tool
Generate your own privacy statement by using the Privacy Commissioner’s Priv-o-matic tool.

CERT NZ Cyber Security in New Zealand
An organisation that aims to improve cyber security in New Zealand, they have a range of guides to protect businesses.

Cyber Security Policy
An online security policy should list all the things your business will do with regards to online security. All businesses should have one, no matter how big or small. It will help:

  • your team understand how online security fits into their day-to-day work
  • your customers know how you’ll look after the data they share with you.

Use this CertNZ reference:  How to create a cyber security policy for your business