University of Waikato offers Work Integrated Learning which relates to internships, projects, case studies, research etc for 3rd year students. These are part of the university’s change in curriculum in which every undergrad degree has to have a work integrated learning component. This is mostly unpaid work for the students to gain experience and links to workplaces. 
There are also summer internships and post grad degree research opportunities. This normally attracts payment by the employer. In some cases a grant can be awarded and can be match funded by the university. 
The process is:
Fill in the expression of interest form: Sandy or Hayley will call you to discuss the project and arrange students.
Waikato believes that multi disciplinary student teams are a good way for students to learn so that might mean – as an example  – you could have a student from the arts faculty, working with business management or psychology students on one project. 
The employers responsibility is to supervise the student(s) as you would a new employee. Any intellectual property  belongs to the student when the job is unpaid , and the organisation, when paid. The university  covers liability/indemnity insurance when students are not paid. Confidentiality might have to be extended to the lecturer of the degree course.