2017 has passed and now we’re all refreshed and looking forward to 2018?? Here are a few things we can look forward to….according to the pundits.

  1. You’ll take your first-ever digital detox

Get ready to hide your phone and immerse in a few tech-free hours (or days).

  1. Airlines won’t roll out new fees; they’ll quietly expand existing ones

Hmmm – not a surprise there.

  1. You’ll buy your cheapest car in years – hooray because that’s a possible thing to do this year for me.
  2. Is that item gut-friendly? Menus will tell you

What to expect: ever-more-elaborate menu descriptions that explain how certain ingredients — turmeric, aloe, even collagen, which Jamba Juice added to a smoothie earlier this year — are “brain-boosting,” “gut-friendly” or “anti-inflammatory. – oh goody.

  1. AI will help you write a book or craft a speech

Artificial intelligence’s next frontier is creativity. AI will analyze everything you’ve created so you can decipher patterns — clever sentence structures, amusing story arcs — and replicate the success.

Well, how about that? And now for your amusement, here are a few piccies of SociaLink’s Wind-down Picnic and Treasure Hunt, just before Xmas. Not too much sun, but plenty of laughs and good times.