Monday 6 March at 12 noon – 1.00pm – Best Practice Sponsorship – a top down approach

Venue: Bay Trust Office, 73 Spring Street

Please email to reserve a space: as there is limited room

A koha of $2 and bring your own lunch.

It takes a whole organisation to deliver on a corporate sponsorship strategy. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Board Member, CEO or the fundraiser for your Not-For-Profit – everyone has a role to play in creating and implementing a successful sponsorship program.

How well does your organisation pull together?

The role of your Board in implementing a philanthropic campaign is well documented. Why then is no-one talking about the fact that it is a conflict of interest for your Board Directors to bring their commercial interests to the table when creating a sponsorship strategy?

How ‘sponsorship-friendly’ is your organisation really? And what does that even mean?

In this webinar, Abby will take you through the 16 steps involved in:

  • ‘Unpacking’ a sponsorship strategy for your not-for-profit and what you need to do to give you the best chance at success.
  • Your Board and sponsorship;
  • Your role in educating the corporate sector.
  • Strategies for involving your CEO and Board – and why they NEED to be involved.
  • Making your charity ‘sponsorship ready’ and identifying the powerful marketing allure you hold for the right sponsor.
  • Looking at your support base so you can make the right connection with the right companies.
  • Properly communicating the benefits of your association for a sponsor.
  • The true power of your sponsorship approach – it might not be what you think!
  • Identifying the right questions to ask of potential sponsors and how to close the deal.
  • Managing prospecting meetings and dealing with nerves!

And much, much more!

For a full description of our programme of recorded webinars see the attached document.

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