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Uhia te kahui korowai Hei Parirau he Kohinga a rohe, Ma o Koringa a rohe Ma o Koringa what atawhai, Pumau he mutunga Ngakau. Haumi e, ui e, Taiki e

SociaLink will offer our skills and support to all people and communities, That they will feel safe and assured by our guidance, That through our nurturing, training and skilful hands much will be achieved to their satisfaction. Let it be so.


The Western Bay of Plenty has many serious issues to deal with: housing and homeless, high domestic violence rates, racism, poverty, and much more.

How will the incoming Mayor lead the new council in ways to help solve these problems? It’s about much more than rates, roads and rubbish.

We want to ask our Mayoral candidates questions around the social issues we deal with daily.

Join us for the Mayoral Forum on:

Monday 30th September at 4.30pm

Village Hall at the Historic Village

Book at https://www.eventspronto.co.nz/event614

How to go the extra mile without killing yourself!

Getting your work and life balanced.

  • How we recognize effects of stress on ourselves
  • Assessment tools
  • Ensuring how not to stand to close to edge ( recognising early warnings)Useful tools
  • How to de-stress easily

Barbara has facilitated groups for approximately 40 years, 8 with Relationships Aotearoa and has a keen interest in the mind / body connection. She worked in a psychiatric hospital as well as with families & individuals and nowadays leads retreats for women who are anxious and under stress or burnout.

Her life has been an example of how not to do it, but its been valuable learning!

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Thanks to our funders. If it wasnt for them, we would not be able to support the social sector in so many ways.