Welcome back everyone to 2018!  I hope you got to enjoy the amazing weather we’re having, being a Vitamin D addict I am in my element (ask my staff, if the weathers good we hold our meetings outside in the sunshine) but perhaps for some the heat has been a little less welcome.
2018 is starting off with a bang with TECT’s proposal to completely change the way in which they distribute the money they receive from their investments.  If the proposal is successful it will have a significant impact for the social sector and the communities you work with.
SociaLink is really keen to hear from the social sector about your views on this proposal and really encourage you to ‘have your say’  TECT are also keen to hear if you have any other ideas about what they should do.  The biggest challenge TECT faces is apathy, if people and organisations don’t have their say you may not get the result you want.
I encourage you to get informed about the rationale for the proposal, the process TECT will use to make a decision and the details of the proposal.
You can do this by:

  • attending any of the meetings to be held at the Historic Village theatre on Thursday 1 Feb at 11,1, and 3pm, or
  • go along to one of the meetings TECT is organising, or
  •  check out their website www.tect.org.nz.

It takes only 2 minutes to support or oppose the proposal online (you or your organisation need to be a TECT consumer), it closes on Thursday 1 March.

Liz Davies
General Manager