A fair bit has happened behind the scenes with the Community Hub (now called The Kollective) including work starting on site. Below is a quick update on where things are at.

Construction – CBC Construction have been confirmed as the main contractor. The good news is that the enabling works (site preparation) has begun which involves digging a number of drains to dewater the site. This stage also includes moving the EnviroHub building and beginning work on the wider green space.  All going well we anticipate that building construction will begin mid year, which would mean a likely completion date in mid 2018.  The development of the green space and linking this to the stage area of the building is particularly exciting and we have already received plenty of interest from potential users.

Internal Design – work continues on the planning for the internal design of the building.  This includes defining the work areas, identifying IT requirements and ensuring we can maximise the opportunities to collaborate through good design principles.  Some initial concept drawings are here. The Kollective Concept Designs Draft.

 Branding – after extensive consultation with a wide range of stakeholders and local Iwi, the name of the Hub has been confirmed as The Kollective.  The main concept is centred around the idea of a place where our ideas and knowledge are captured and shared.   Attached is the brand story to date, which will also give you a feel for the look and feel of the branding as it could be used within the building. As you can see it gives us plenty of opportunity to be creative with the brand.

 Manager – SociaLink have agreed to take on a management contract which includes the employment of a full time manager role for The Kollective.  Applications are open for this position and close on 31 March 2017.   Visit the SociaLink website for more information.  This is an exciting opportunity and the Manager will be involved in setting up the processes, systems and preparations through to the opening day.  Part of the managers brief will be working with community groups on the tenancy arrangements as well as developing what we have called the ‘virtual hub’ which is a commitment to developing wrap around service offerings that could be of benefit to all community organisations whether they are based in The Kollective or not.

Tenancy Agreements – once we have a firmer indication of potential opening dates (which is largely dependent on the ground works taking place at the moment) we will then be in a better position to firm up the range of tenancy offerings.  Knowing when the facility is available is clearly an important part of the puzzle as groups will need to give notice on their existing leases.  We have a database of those who have signalled an interest in being part of the The Kollective, and our intention is to provide these groups with more information in the near future.

Queries – If you have any queries in the interim please feel free to contact Paula Hudson, TECT (578-5094 / paula@tect.org.nz); or Liz Davies, SociaLink (578-6664 / lizdavies@socialink.org.nz)

 Final Word – we read with interest the recently published JB Were report into NZ Charities.  One of the summaries within the report stated:

“Importantly it shows as a country we have an enormous number of passionate people willing to start and be involved in good works; we must never lose this passion. However, the report raises important questions around stewardship, duplication of efforts and maximising impact with limited resources, to achieve the charities’ sole purpose – delivering on their vision and mission”.

The Kollective won’t address all the needs of the sector, but we have always been confident that it will play a critical role in assisting organisations to maximise effort and impact.  It’s exciting to now have a spade in the ground !!