Yes, it’s that time of year again for year end reporting to the Charities commission for many of you (and me).  I attended a webinar that the Charities Commission held on how to prepare a Statement of Performance and thought I’d share with you what I learnt for a Tier 3 organisation….

  • Firstly, the purpose or intended outcome of your organisation needs to be stated (i.e. if your organisation didn’t exist what would be missing?) 0r in other words ‘the why’ of your organisation.
  • If you have goals list your goals
  • Outline the activities or your ‘out puts’ and try and relate it back to your purpose. For example, SociaLink has three strategic themes (you may have goals) and I’ve listed our outputs under the relevant theme so hopefully it clearly shows how our activities/out puts contribute to our strategic themes and thus to our purpose.
  • You don’t need to report on absolutely everything you’ve done, focus on outputs that are relevant and significant to your organisation.
  • If possible, use both quantitative information (e.g. the number of people who have used a service) and qualitative information (any feedback from clients who have used the service)
  • Charities commission ( – look for reporting standards) has lots of useful information including a guide, Statement of Service Performance template, examples of good Statements of Service Performance.

Good luck!