Following feedback from three meetings SociaLink held with the social sector to provide information about the proposal and to hear the views of the social sector, SociaLink is proposing the following statement to represent the views of the social sector and community organisations that deliver social outcomes.

We welcome your feedback on the following statement up until 16 February 2018.  Once we’ve received feedback and made any changes, the statement will be communicated to TECT as part of their consultation process.

“The social sector and community organisations that deliver social outcomes are broadly very supportive of the TECT proposal to transfer the assets of the Tauranga Energy Consumer Trust to the Tauranga Energy Charitable Trust following the pay out to TECT consumers outlined in the proposal.

Given the considerable increase in funds to distribute, questions were asked regarding the way in which the funds would be distributed. The social sector strongly recommend that the Board consider incorporating into their proposal an outline of how they intend to distribute the funds in addition to community consultation e.g. appoint a representative advisory panel from the not for profit sector or a demographically representative community advisory panel.  Alternatively, or alongside an advisory panel, that distribution categories are established.  Categories could be geographically based or by sector (e.g. social sector, arts and culture, , sports and recreation, environment, tangata whenua) as well as categories for a range of sizes of grants.

Concern  was expressed by the social sector as to how to best support TECT consumers who genuinely require the TECT cheque to pay for basic living expenses.  One option could be to resource social services such as budget advisory services to assist TECT consumers to effectively manage the funds they receive from TECT as well assist TECT consumers to ensure they are using the most suitable electricity provider.  To this end the social sector strongly recommend making available funding for budget advisory and similar services to support TECT consumers who rely on the TECT cheque for basic living expenses”.

If you would like to make a further comment please email

Liz Davies
General Manager – SociaLink