Emily Mason, GM Engagement from the Social Investment Agency delivered an in-depth presentation on Social Investment on 19 October to an interested and questioning group.

Download the full presentation here – Social Investment

The SIA intends to publish a how to guide on this subject before Christmas – which we will publish on our website.  In the meantime: http://www.stats.govt.nz/tools_and_services/microdata-access/data-lab.aspx and

https://vhin.co.nz/guides/getting-started-using-the-idi-in-the-statistics-new-zealand-datalab/ are useful.

There is work underway on the contracting/commissioning with NGO’s which is not finished yet. Further information will be available soon.

Further information on how Social Investment influences government policies, particularly on social housing, can be gained from the website.www.sia.govt.nz