The heavens would fall we were told. The markets would crash, businesses would fold, indeed perhaps our very future as a nation would be in doubt were it the case that one party, or another took power following ‘the announcement’ last Thursday.

Regardless of one’s political view and it’s important that we at SociaLink remain apolitical, one thing is clear. That is that at least for now, one week on from ‘the announcement’, the heavens haven’t fallen, so far businesses haven’t folded and as far as I’m aware, New Zealand still exists. What does this tell us? What lesson does this have for us all this sunny, then rainy, then sunny again day? Well I’m pretty sure it’s a great example of how life simply carries on.

Bottom line is that save revolution or some hideous fiscal disaster, not much today will be different from yesterday and I’d even go so far as to suggest that tomorrow, will look surprisingly like today. I’ll have less hair sure, but realistically our world is still here. Those less fortunate will not suddenly have their ails corrected, nor will the poorest of our society suddenly have money in their bank accounts and food on the table.

So, ours in the social service sector remains. There are still those in need, there are still those with sick kids, with families in trouble, those who have fallen foul of physical crime, or those who cannot live by themselves.

Every day, I hear the stories of our colleagues out there working tirelessly to ensure those who need, are given. Only yesterday I spoke with a chap involved at the coalface of emergency rescue. A chap who gives up his free time at the drop of a hat should he receive a call with news that one of our community is lost in the bush, or at sea. He didn’t want the glory, indeed often he didn’t even meet those who are rescued. He just wanted to help and know that those who called were answered.

And so, I look from my home office window over the pile of earth that I still have to move from one side of the garden to the other and I’m reminded once again that despite having a new prime minister, dirt still needs to be moved, sweat still needs to be sweated.

Till next time.

Gordy Lockhart