Mapping the Social Sector

What is the MSSP?

In 2012, the need to better understand the sector was identified.

Who is undertaking the MSSP?

SociaLink, with input from SmartGrowth, the social sector, stakeholders and funders have developed the questions to ask of social services.  SmartGrowth and SociaLink have developed the system to collect information.  SociaLink is meeting with social services to collect and make available the information that is collected.

Who is to participate in the MSSP?

Not for Profit, Social Enterprises, government agencies and community groups located in the Western Bay of Plenty who have as their primary purpose/ mission focus, the social needs of the Western Bay of Plenty community.

How will the MSSP benefit the social services sector?

  • Increase understanding of the organisations that deliver social services and the services that are delivered in the WBOP.
  • Raise the profile and value of social services by highlighting the role social services play in the social fabric of the Western Bay of Plenty.
  • Provide an evidence base to inform planning and decision making
  • Identify opportunities for agencies to work together
  • Matches services delivered with funders priorities
  • Provides an opportunity for SociaLink to develop relationships with social services and raise awareness of how SociaLink can best work with and empower social services.

Aren’t there existing directories with information about services that are provided?

There are a range of directories (e.g. Citizens Advice Bureau, WebHealth etc) that have been developed to assist people trying to find a service or to refer people to services.  The MSSP will provide more organisation information than is currently available. It will also link services with stakeholders and funder priorities.

How will ‘Mapping the Social Sector’ information be used?

The sector, SociaLink and stakeholders can use this research to aid planning and funding of services and inform discussions already occurring about the scale and range of services that are provided and maybe required in the future.

Links to other sectors

SociaLink believes strongly that there is lots to be gained in scenario where social services cross boundaries and work with organisations from other sectors e.g. the arts, businesses, sports groups, environmental groups.

There are some great local, national and international examples of social services working with other sectors.

Our aim is to help and encourage social services make connections with organisations in other sectors.

 Additional information

For more information on the questions you will be asked, down load the Overview of Interview topics. You can also contact  SociaLink’s General Manager, Liz Davies on 07 – 578 6664 or 022 – 461 9104