Income Generation Project

It’s a long hard road

At the end of 2018 we achieved quite a lot

  • developed an idea
  • collaborated with a lot of the membership organisations who were willing to put “skin in the game”
  • developed a brand

It wasn’t easy! and we’re only a quarter of the way there. And if there was only one thing we learnt, it would be that fitting extra work into an already full workload presents a major hurdle.

But a lot of the development work has been done. Who knows where it will go from here….

All systems go!

Late last year we called for expressions of interest from:

  • any collective that had identified an income generation opportunity and were ready to develop a plan to progress this opportunity, or
  • any collective who wanted to identify an income generation opportunity to fund an initiative and are ready to develop a plan to pursue this opportunity.

We’re excited to announce that the TMAPS network has been selected and will work with SociaLink and its delivery partners, Akina, Venture Centre and Exult to develop a project that aligns to the TMAPs mission and has potential to generate income for the collective.

Tauranga Moana Abuse Prevention Strategy (TMAPS) Network was created to support broader crime prevention activities through improved local level collaboration and service delivery.  SociaLink and partners will be working closely with the Family Violence Response Coordinator (FVRC) who coordinates the work of TMAPs and Safe Surfer Charitable Trust (a member of the collective) to develop an initiative that will deliver positive impact for local communities while earning income for the collective.

During this process, a key goal will be to engage the wider collective on this initiative and build the capability of members in income generation.  TMAPs recognises this pilot as an excellent opportunity to develop a shared goal of becoming financially sustainable and establishing a new entity in the future that will lead on generating income for the collective.

Safe Surfer is a charitable trust working to limit the current open gateway to pornography, which can be both highly addictive and destructive. This is one of the biggest social issues on the internet, leading to greater risk of depression, detachment and unhealthy relationships including family violence.  Safe Surfer will be bringing significant experience as a successful social enterprise to the collective.

This project requires a considerable contribution from TMAPS to participate fully and work through an intensive process with the delivery partners.  So watch this space. We will bring you updates on this project as progress develops over time.

Recruiting applicants

Are you a Collective of passionate organisations that are delivering impact in our communities and want expert help to start the journey to becoming financially sustainable?

If you answered yes then we want to hear from you!

SociaLink has an exciting opportunity for an existing Collective wanting to generate income for one of their initiatives and is running a pilot over the coming months.  This pilot is for organisations already working collaboratively to achieve impact and are ready to explore income generation for a specific initiative and / or start the journey to financial sustainability.

We recognise this is new territory for many and are looking for a Collective who will work in partnership with us to identify an income opportunity, create an executable plan to secure it, and help Socialink develop a model that will work for other Collectives beyond the pilot. Download the  Income generation brief as a pdf document, or read on.

Why is SociaLink doing this Pilot?

A core part of SociaLink’s purpose is to connect and enable social sector organisations in the Western Bay of Plenty. There are no shortage of wicked problems facing our communities. No one agency can tackle these complex problems, in recognition of this agencies are increasingly working together to tackle these complex problems. Locally and internationally there are great examples of groups of organisations working collaboratively to deliver significant impact in communities, these include:

Healthy Whare is a group of health, iwi and local and central government agencies that have been working together since 2014 to improve the health and safety of homes with a focus on homes in Maketu and the eastern part of the western Bay of Plenty district.

The Tauranga Moana Abuse Prevention Strategy (TMAPS) is a network created to enhance the capacity of agencies within Tauranga Moana to prevent, raise awareness, educate and respond to family violence using a collaborative and integrated approach.  They come together for professional development, shared service provision issues and work to improve life outcomes for children and families by strengthening the communities’ ability to effectively prevent and respond to family violence in their localities.

Strengthening Families is a group of support agencies working together to provide a way for families to get co-ordinated access to services.  By promoting cooperation between community organisations, social services and government agencies, everyone involved works more effectively and efficiently with the families/ whānau involved in the process.

SociaLink is aware of many Collectives in the region doing incredible work and wants to develop an approach to support them.  In our work supporting collectives we have observed that one of the areas that continues to be a challenge for them is funding. We know that working together can be time and resource intensive but can deliver significant benefits.

Our successful pilot partner will be ready to pursue income generation and think innovatively on how this could be achieved.

What is the Pilot?

From November 2017 – April 2018 SociaLink will provide expert help to one Collective wanting to generate income for a specific initiative and / or financial sustainability.  This pilot is targeting established Collectives:

  • who have identified an income generation opportunity to fund an initiative and are ready to develop a plan to pursue this opportunity.
  • who want to identify an income generation opportunity to fund an initiative and are ready to develop a plan to pursue this opportunity.

Ideally our pilot partner will have identified an opportunity to generate income already and need support to take this forward, however, we recognise that others may need support in identifying and prioritising opportunities. We welcome applications for both.
The Collective selected for this pilot will receive:

  • Two facilitated half day workshops that will:
    • Support the Collective to identify the income generation opportunity they want to pursue;
    • Identify the roles and responsibilities of the Collective and SociaLink during the pilot;
    • Map out next steps in taking this income generation opportunity forward by the Collective and SociaLink, i.e. a clear, Income Generation Plan for how the Collective will approach the income generation opportunity (this plan will be co-developed.
  • Coaching and mentoring during the pilot from SociaLink, Ākina, and Venture Centre.
  • Assistance with obtaining seed funding to progress the project.

Who is the Pilot for?

Established Collectives who are successfully working together to deliver impact and want to explore income generation.

Your Collective is more likely to be ready to take on this opportunity if you have (or are working towards) the following:

  1. A common agenda – this means you’ve come together to collectively define the problem and created a shared vision to solve it.
  2. Shared measurement – this means you’re collecting data and measuring your results to enable improvements.
  3. Mutually reinforcing activities – this means you’re taking a coordinated approach when delivering activities.
  4. Consistent communication – this means you’re building trust and relationships between all members.
  5. Backbone support – this means you have a team dedicated to orchestrating the work of the group.

Ideally the Collective we work with during the pilot will meet most of the criteria outlined above or be working towards these.  As the pilot is focused on supporting a Collective to identify and develop a plan to secure the income generation opportunity, the Collective needs to be as ready as possible – meaning work has already been done to develop a shared vision, measurement and ways of working together effectively.

We recognise that not all Collectives will have achieved all of the above 5 criteria so encourage Collectives to apply who feel they may be ready to take on this opportunity in the future. This will also help SociaLink to understand what Collectives are operating (to understand demand for support in this area), what support they need to grow their impact and what Collective’s SociaLink should engage with beyond the pilot.

How will the pilot partner be selected?

Below is a link to a short application form.  SociaLink will be reviewing applications and selecting a partner for the pilot based on the following:

  • Is this an existing Collective that has a track record of successfully working together?
  • Does the Collective’s impact area align to SociaLink priorities?
  • How ready is the Collective for this opportunity? (refer to the 5 conditions above that contribute to Collective Impact success)
  • Does the Collective have a targeted priority group that they working to impact or engage with as part of their proposal, and if so, what is the rationale for selecting this target group?
  • Related to the above point, the collective needs to have capacity to work actively with SociaLink on this pilot and take a lead role throughout the pilot.
  • The collective recognises that this is a pilot and that we will be testing and learning together.
  • The Collective is committed to undertaking this work in partnership with SociaLink.


  • Applications for Income Generation Pilot Open: 15 October 2017
    Applications for the Income Generation Pilot close: 15 November 2017
  • Discovery Interviews: Late November 2017
  • Pilot Partner Selection: Late November 2017
  • First Workshop: 14 February 2018
  • Second Workshop: 12 March 2018
  • Pilot Ends: 30 April 2018
  • Establish Future Support Plan: 10 May 2018

Make an application here

For any further queries or questions please email Kathy Webb  or contact on 027 281 4842


Why is SociaLink running this pilot?

We work better together. We know there are Collectives already doing incredible work and want to support them to generate income and think creatively about how they become financially sustainable.

What do you mean by income generation?

As part of the pilot we’d like to partner with a collective who wants to secure income for a specific initiative. This could be a collective wanting to jointly secure a Government contract, develop a new income stream, i.e. Corporate funding / partnership, explore / develop a social enterprise idea, run a crowdfunding campaign etc.  Our goal is to work with a collective to develop an ongoing income stream that has the potential to help with financial sustainability for the collective. Ambitious?! Yes, but why not, let’s try something new that has the potential to enable greater impact over the long term.

What is a Collective?

Cross-sector organisations working together to focus on a common agenda that results in long-lasting change.

What is Collective Impact?

It is a framework for facilitating and achieving large scale social change. It is a structured and disciplined approach to bringing cross-sector organisations together to focus on a common agenda that results in long-lasting change.

Why is having a backbone organisation important for the pilot?

The backbone organisation is important as the collective needs to have a capacity to work with SociaLink during the pilot and to continue to advance the opportunity identified beyond the pilot.  SociaLink will also be building the capability of those participating in the pilot as well as providing capacity.

Who will be involved in this pilot from SociaLink?

SociaLink has contracted Ākina Foundation and Venture Centre to deliver the pilot. These two organisations will be supported by Exult and members of the SociaLink team.

What is SociaLink expecting from the Collective during the Pilot?

  • Commitment to the process
  • Capacity to work together during the pilot
  • Open communication on what is working and not working so we can course correct as necessary
  • Recognition that this is a pilot so all parties are testing and learning
  • Working collaboratively to develop a new model (way of working and approach) that will support Collectives to generate income

What is SociaLink’s role during the pilot?

  • Facilitate two half day workshops
  • Support the development of an Income Generation Plan
  • Provide coaching and expertise

What does SociaLink want to get from the pilot?

SociaLink wants to develop a model that it can use to support Collectives to identify and secure income generation opportunities.

What happens after the pilot?

SociaLink and the Collective will reflect on the pilot to identify what has been achieved and what support will be provided to the Collective going forward.

SociaLink will have developed a model it can use to support other Collectives to develop an Income Generation Plan.

Download this Income generation brief as a pdf document.