Digital Technology Pilot

Update December 2018

10 organisations were chosen to be a part of this project and they have all entered into it with enthusiasm. With the help of a group of equally enthusiastic mentors all organisations are moving steadfastly towards achieving the outcomes they wished for.

Among the successes we have gained to date:

Implementation of new Customer Relations Systems (CRM) for three organisations

Another agency is about to go live with a new client booking system

An online staff scheduling system is being introduced  to another group

A complete filing restructure and PC cleanup, a new online calendar and events booking system, image and graphics training.

What great achievements and its only part way through……..

Look out for the next intake in 2019.

In their recent mapping of the social sector in the western Bay of Plenty, Socialink found that many community organisations identified marketing and communications and digital were the top two concerns..  Fundraising was also identified as an area many community organisations were seeking support.

Expressions of Interest for the Digital Technology Pilot

Is this pilot for you?

  • You operate a charity or not-for-profit in the western Bay of Plenty.
  • You are passionate about your service, but know you need better communications to the wider public.
  • You worry about fund raising.
  • You fear you’re not as efficient as you could be because of your current digital setup is inadequate.

Would you like to;

  1. Improve your public and supporter communications using digital technology and systems?
  2. Uplift your fund raising efforts using digital tools and methods?
  3. Become more efficient by automating time consuming office work?

Socialink are offering up to  ten organisations the opportunity to work towards this over a ten month period by;

  1. Assessing specific needs you have in terms of software, hardware, and skills.
  2. Seeking to fill those needs from volunteer expertise, and asset sourcing, where possible.
  3. Assisting in writing and submitting funding cases based on your needs to institutional donors keen to see you succeed.
  4. Installing and using  selected technology, including training in necessary skill usage.


Who’s involved in the Digital Technology Pilot (DTP)

In collaboration with Bryan Wintersand the Venture Centre, Socialink are launching the DTP in response to the needs identified above. Bryan has been in the IT industry since 1982, working in New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore. He also has a long history of volunteering in the social sector, and was the founding chairman of Live For More, the Tauranga charity with its unique programme for at-risk youth combining surfing and counselling.

Venture Centre launched the Digital Enablement Project (DEP) for businesses and young people in the Bay of Plenty region last year, and run a variety of innovative and startup programmes throughout the year from Basestation in Durham Street.

But it is actually the wider digital community we applaud. The head of the Information Technology Professionals (ITP) of New Zealand and the local branch support us. They are keen to match their members skills and some of their spare time with your needs. We have already spoken with an assortment of individuals and companies in the local sector. So far one hundred percent have committed time and expertise to the exercise, at no cost to you.

When will the Digital Technology Pilot run?

The DTP will run from May 1st, 2018, to March 31st, 2019

Who can apply?

Any charitable or not for profit organisation in the Bay of Plenty region can apply. Selection for the programme will be made using the following criteria:

  1. A firm and united grasp about where your organisation is heading. It is important for us to grasp your vision, your goals, and the community demographic supporting you.
  2. Openness about your existing digital assets and skill base, and the needs your organisation has identified .
  3. Board commitment to participate in the
  4. Availability of key personnel throughout the programme including the evaluation of the pilot.
  5. Willingness to fit in with skilled volunteer time frames.
  6. It is likely you will not have permanent digital expertise employed, or that you are heavily influenced by an external digital vendor or advisor. We want to help organisations that truly need the programme.
  7. Successful applicants must be able to contribute $300 (incl GST) towards the cost of the programme. This will be vastly outweighed by the skilled expertise, products, and services, you will receive, but indicates your commitment.

How to apply

Step 1: Email your registration of interest as a Word or PDF document to no later than Friday 25th May. Include the following;

  1. Name, Contact Details and paid staff numbers.
  2. A brief outline of the work of your charity.
  3. A list of your digital assets,( e.g. Microsoft Excel, Xero accounting, Client database system, website URL, email systems, social media platforms, etc) and IT support provider, if any.
  4. What you believe your digital needs are.

Step 2: Shortlisted applicants will be invited for a round-table discussion with SociaLink and Bryan Winters. Successful applicants will be notified no later than Tuesday 29th May.


Want to know more?

Contact Bryan Winters or phone 021 377 937.