I’ve been eligible to vote for 12 general elections now, I’ll let you do the Maths.  And it’s that time again to have a serious look at the policies on offer from the various parties or independents who have put their hands up to represent us for this round.  I attended the candidates’ forum hosted by Closing the Gap on Tuesday evening.  It was a great turn-out of candidates and community but there were few representing our younger voters, those who have had a shot at this for less elections than I have.  No doubt many of them were at home reading their children a bedtime story or maybe they haven’t got into the swing of the election campaigns yet.  I hope they do because many of the policies I heard on Tuesday night need their ratification through the exercise of their right and active casting of a vote.  Voting isn’t as simple as ticking the box for one candidate anymore.  It does require a bit of strategic thinking and consideration about the pick and mix of policy, candidate and party voting to achieve best effect.  The 23rd September 2017 is an important date for all of us to demonstrate our democracy.

Jenny Corry