It’s hard to stay positive sometimes, particularly when your week starts off badly and then gets progressively worse. But stay positive I must, as my glass is very much half full; half full that is with the torrent of water that streamed through my kitchen roof yesterday into the collection of glasses littered around my kitchen bench. As I struggled to cope with the deluge of water, literally paralysed with disbelief that it was happening, and unable to hear my own voice as I tried to explain to my lovely builder friend, that the one bucket I had to hand was filling so fast that I didn’t know what I should do… Clearly able to remain calmer in a crisis than I, he suggested emptying it (it sounded like he was laughing at something entirely unrelated, but hilarious at the same time) … I fully believed in that moment that that was bad enough, I’d had my fill so to speak, but then came a second downpouring of water from another unusual ceiling outlet, and then a third, and then a fourth. My inner resolve kicked into action, and my troops were mobilised to go search out additional suitable vessels and towels (everyone knows that in an emergency that you need lots of towels). Emergency averted and praying for blue cloudless skies, it was time to reflect on what I learnt… Life can be tough at times, things can happen to us that we don’t deserve, we are resilient, but we cannot possibly do it alone; what has got me through the events this week, is my support network of friends, family and colleagues. They are there 24/7, at the end of the phone, or in person, taken for granted, inadequately funded, but vital… very much like the social sector and all of you.

Laura Wragg