May 2017 The Pace Kicks Up a Notch

I’m very pleased to report that we are getting more people on board so SociaLink is better able to empower and work with the social services sector. Read more here:
I’m also very pleased to announce the appointment of the inaugural The Kollective hub manager!  Gordon Lockhart has bucket loads of personality and strong management experience to bring to the job of working with social services interested in moving into The Kollective as well as working on developing discounted back office services so social services can spend less money on things like IT, audit, legal, marketing etc.
We have had some great applications and have appointed two interviewers to undertake the Mapping the Social Sector project.  This involves meeting with you all to gain a better understanding of what you do so we can build a picture of the social services sector here in the western bay of plenty as well as to build our relationships with you all.
We are currently in the process of recruiting for 7 part-time roles to undertake the following:

  • Promoting the value of the sector – I’d wager that most people have no idea of the vast array of social services in the western bay of plenty and if they were to disappear tomorrow the massive impact that would have for communities.  We need to raise the profile of the sector, celebrate and value the sector.  The information we get from the Mapping the social sector project will really help us to tell the great stories of the social services sector.
  • Influencing/advocacy/research – recent changes in policy and funding are of concern to many social services but often agencies don’t have the time to try and influence decisions.  This role is about providing an opportunity for the sector to discuss issues impacting on the sector and to facilitate conversations between the social services sector and local/central government.
  • Assisting agencies wanting to make improvements e.g. systems, policies and procedures, financial management, strategic planning etc)
  • Build relationships with Maori social services to better understand how SociaLink can work with and empower Maori social services
  • Investigate how SociaLink can best support organisations wanting to improve their financial sustainability (e.g. using online fund raising tools, assistance to organisations applying for funding, sponsorship, developing relationships with businesses, tips on generating income from products/services provided by social sector agencies etc.)
  • Help organisations to be able to work together on complex social problems.  For example, we can provide the ‘back bone’ for multiple organisations to be able to work together such as do things like organise and facilitate meetings, project management, administration etc.
  • Administration – the engine room of most organisations.