Ground-breaking report highlights the value of social services in addressing serious social issues in the western Bay of Plenty


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A first of its kind report points to the 700 plus social services provided in the western Bay of Plenty looking to improve social outcomes for the most vulnerable people in our area.

The report identifies housing, poverty and health as the major issues facing communities with many providers highlighting how under-funding impacts their ability to be fully effective and work well with other organisations.

SociaLink’s For the Greater Good report is the product of months of research and interviews with social sector organisations in the western Bay. General Manager Liz Davies said that the project emerged from a need expressed by the sector to better understand itself, provide data for future planning and to demonstrate the value and contribution it makes to the region.

“Local MP Jan Tinetti will officially launch the report on May 14 and we are hopeful that this will demonstrate the immense value of social services and initiate a critical discussion on the most effective, efficient way to deliver these vital services in the western Bay,” says Liz.

“Our research and interviews have shown just how complex and widespread the sector is and how strong the need is for these services by the most vulnerable people in our communities.”

Stories from clients of some of the social services will also be released to demonstrate the critical role social services have in the lives of many people in our community.

Key points from the report that covers most but not all social sector organisations include:

  • 225 services deliver over 740 services
  • 123 organisations employ 988 full time equivalents along with 4937 volunteers
  • 88% of organisations are small or medium sized
  • Most large organisations struggle to attract Maori staff
  • Others lack marketing and communications capability
  • Most services are funded by philanthropic and community agencies
  • Central government funds over 260 services

The report will be launched on May 14 at 10 am at the Historic Village Hall. Attendance is free but people are asked to register Following a presentation on the report’s findings, participants will be invited to join in workshops focussing on the research and look at how organisations can work together to maximise the findings.

The full report will be available on the SociaLink website following the event on Tuesday.