SociaLink is now proud to announce the launch of the  ‘Mapping the Social Sector’ project, which sets out to create an evidence base, or ‘map’, to help raise the profile of social services. The ’map’ will overlay the demography of the communities with the services that are being delivered and will link sector information with funders’ outcomes and priorities. SociaLink and SmartGrowth identified a need for better understanding of the sector, its organisations and their role some years ago.  They have been working with the sector to scope this project and to secure funding. Read more…

The project work consists of two phases. Firstly, to avoid asking for information already available, we will undertake desk top research to obtain publicly discoverable information from websites such as Charities Services.  Secondly, we will be meeting with social service organisations to raise awareness of SociaLink, develop relationships, collect information and verify the desktop information gathered in phase one. Answers to structured questions will be entered into an electronic inventory database by a qualified, trustworthy researcher.

Participation by social sector organisations is entirely voluntary, however the ‘map’ will be most comprehensive and valuable to the Social Sector if as many organisations as possible contribute. We will ensure ownership of the data stays with the organisation that provides it and have developed strict data management and security protocols to ensure the information is protected.

In terms of reporting, each participating organisation will receive a report on demographic data (e.g. number of households, income etc) in their service areas and how these align with funders and stakeholders priorities. This will assist with planning, funding applications and telling your organisation’s story. General reports will be produced and made available on SociaLink and other relevant websites. Tailored reports can be requested and SociaLink will report only aggregated and anonymous data.
SociaLink will continue to provide regular updates on the project and contact will be made with social sector organisations over the coming months to invite project participation.

FACT SHEET – Updated