At the end of 2019 SociaLink carried out a survey on what the Learning & Development needs of the social sector were, in this area. Although we weren’t overwhelmed with responses we pushed on and invited a selection of people to lunch to discuss our needs further. Read the results here, and let us know if you have an opinion also.

Summary of survey responses

  • People are overloaded with their case work
  • Prefer face to face learning in small groups during weekday and in short sessions 2 hours to ½ days.
  • Topics favoured

Table of figures

Financial management14
Operational management e.g. human resources14
Marketing and communications17
Applying Tiriti o Waitangi to the social sector in the WBOP18
Digital technology- assessment of technology needs and ongoing support to address needs12
Using social media (including engaging with younger people)18
Health and safety compliance15
Basic understanding of Māori pronunciation and protocol11
Local Māori history and local iwi and hapu14
Upskilling Board Trustees12
Pasifica cultural understanding11
Engaging with people from other cultures12
Measuring your impact18
Change management15
Strategic planning11
Social Work continuing professional education12
Human Resource Advice eg including contracting staff11

Link to our Learning & Development page to find out what is scheduled.

Here is our 2020 draft annual Learning, Development and Event programme. All items are subject to availability and confirmed dates.

2020 Plan