I’ve been writing in various forms for a while now. For newspapers, for the stage, for my own blog or for my books.

One thing I’ve never been good at however is keeping things brief. Normally you see I’ll dribble on for several paragraphs explaining how wildly amusing it was when last week, I witnessed the cat run at full tilt straight into our freshly cleaned and so seemingly invisible ranch slider. Laugh? What with the tears running down my face I nearly drowned.

And so, you can imagine my horror this week when Kathy Webb, my esteemed colleague at SociaLink, explained that it was my turn to write a piece for our blog. But…and that’s a big but, I was to keep it short.

So here we are, 126 words into this piece of literary car crash and I’ve not even come to the point of your reading these words. Marvellous eh! Well here goes.

My role at SociaLink is to assist in the development of and ultimately to run daily operations within The Kollective or TK. For those not yet in the know, this is the not insubstantial building currently shooting from the earth at the east end of the Historic Village.

TK will be the largest co-work space entirely dedicated to the community service sector in New Zealand. That really is quite something and it brings me to my point of this missive.

It really is marvellous how members of the community and social service sector work so incredibly well together. The co-operation, the collegiality is fantastic and as someone so new to the sector, it’s an absolute pleasure and an honour to witness.

Turns out you see, that when the brand marketers were let out of their cages and tasked with coming up with a name for our new community services facility, ultimately choosing The Kollective, they really did know what they were on about. It instils in the building the very sense of community that I now understand is very much present in the everyday lives of those deeply entrenched in the service of their own communities. It speaks of people, it speaks of a commonality and dare I say, it speaks of a Kollective.

Till next time. Gordy